Why Did The Patriots Win The Revolutionary War ?  

The first thing that has to be clear before discussing who really won the war and that is whether it was the Patriots or everyone in America. The reason for this is that thousands of people lost their lives other than just the Patriots.

When the war began, it was very difficult for the Patriots to get arms and ammunition and also they had very less knowledge in warfare. Whereas the British government had experienced soldiers who were fighting wars with various countries. Also, in America the British were not fighting the colonial militia alone. Within America there were three more super powers like France, Spain, Republic of Dutch and Netherlands.

There were several reasons why the Patriots won the war. One of the main reasons was the constant support provided by France. They would supply arms and ammunition through naval bases. Also, France was supplying troops that helped to fight the war along with the other patriots. Spain was a strong ally of France and they helped clear the British from many places like the Mediterranean and Atlantic. The Netherlands extended their support by trying to beat the East India Company. They caused disruption in the British economic stability and were continually harassing them.

Overall the Patriots started receiving a lot of aid from these countries as allies after 1778 and only then the British started pulling back their troops from America and going back to their own country. All the allies and the Colonial power had only one thing in common and that is the unreasonable tax policy of the British and everyone were facing them or had been through it.

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Why Did The Patriots Win The Revolutionary War ?




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Why Did The Patriots Win The Revolutionary War ? )
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