American Revolution Timeline  

American Revolution was one of the biggest turning points in history of the US and the world. Given below is the timeline of the American Revolution:

1763: Treaties of Paris and Hubertusburg was penned between the French and the Native Americans ending the seven-year war between the two parties.

1764: The American Revenue Act was approved by the British Parliament allowing a generation of revenue. It was also called the “Sugar Act”.

1765: The British Parliament passed the Stamp Act. According to this, printed and legal documents were to be taxed.

1770: March 5 witnessed the infamous “Boston Massacre” where the British troops gunned down 5 civilians and fled Boston.

1773: The colonial activists dressed up as Mohawk Indian boarded three ships filled with tea and dumped 342 containers into the water. This event is more famously known as the “Boston Tea party”.

1774: Twelve out of 13 colonies sent to the First Continental Congress at Philadelphia encouraged and urged the colonists to proscribe British goods.

1775: Battle of Lexington, Concord and Bunker Hill were fought between the two forces.

1776: The British withdrew from Boston. The Congress voted to get independence from the British on July 2. July 4 witnessed the Declaration of Independence leading to the beginning of the official war between Americans and the British.

1777: 5,700 British and German forces along with the loyalist soldiers surrendered to Major General Horatio Gates. This was a major millstone achieved in the Revolutionary War.

1778: The French Government recognized America’s Independence and forged an alliance with the American government.

1782: The British Government voted against any war on the Americans.

1783: The war ended formally. Britain and America signed the Treaty of Paris.

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American Revolution Timeline




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