Brief History Of American Revolution  

The famous American Revolution changed the world’s political scenario drastically. It started in the 18th century and led to the independence of the American people from the British rule in the late eighteenth century.

The fertility and prosperity of the American land attracted the British rulers. They wanted to exploit the money and the flourishing resources present in the fertile land. A seven-year battle between the French and Indian armies gave the British victory. However, the battle left the colonial rulers financially poor. In order to make up for the financial losses, they levied huge amounts of taxes on the colonists. The taxes paid were directly sent to the British treasury and were to be used by the British army in North America.

Apart from this, the British also proposed and passed numerous laws that restricted the movement and freedom of the colonists in an extremely unfair manner. The famous Boston Tea Party in 1773 was one of the few uprising movements started by the American people where they openly violated the tax laws levied on tea goods imported from the British East India Company.

The “Midnight Ride” by Pay Revere was one of the many important and courageous acts performed by numerous Americans to revolt against the British rule. In 1775, Mr. Franklin wrote the Declaration of Independence after the infamous wars in Concord and Lexington, which saw the death of innocent Americans in the hands of the British. An eight-year war from 1775 to 1783 led to the overpowering and dethroning of the British rule, giving victory and helping thirteen colonies unite under one banner as the United States of America.

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Brief History Of American Revolution




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