Holidays Related To The American Revolution  

The American Revolution saw the mergence of thirteen different colonies to dethrone the British rule on their soil. Numerous events and rulings led to the famous uprising causing the British to accept defeat and hand over the independency to the Americans. In order to commemorate several events that changed the course of American history, ten legal public holidays have been declared all over United States. Most of these holidays were declared on Mondays to give an extended weekend to employees.

Independence Day:
This day commemorates the famous adoption of the Declaration of Independence on 4th July 1776 by the 2nd Continental Congress. It was declared a federal holiday in the year 1870.

President's Day On Third Monday of February:
This is celebrated as George Washington’s birthday. The first president of the US and the most famous military leader of the American Revolution was born on February 22. Abraham Lincoln was born on 12 February. Since both these days were celebrated by numerous states in America, the legislators wanted to combine the two different celebrations on a single day. Finally, the third Monday of every February was declared as “President’s Day” in 1885.

Bennington Battle Day:
This day commemorates the triumph at the Battle of Bennington in 1777 during the American Revolution and is celebrated all across Vermont. It is celebrated on 16th August every year.

A Great Jubilee Day:
This was celebrated to observe the day that the American Revolution War came to an end. The ending day was 26th May 1783.

Other famous holidays in the US are:

  • Massacre Day
  • Halifax Day
  • Power House Day
  • Yorktown Day

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Holidays Related To The American Revolution




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