How Did The American Revolution Affect People ?  

During and after the War of Independence in America, the political, social and cultural beliefs of the nation changed dramatically. It took thirteen different colonies to set aside their differences, come together and end the British rule. After the struggle, an extremely strong and hard working group of citizens emerged out from a battered nation, giving the country hope and courage.

The blacks and whites fought equally side-by-side setting aside racial and color differences. However, the ideas and beliefs about the blacks did not change much even after independence. While the Northern states started freeing slaves, they still did not change their mindset about the people and continued to look down upon and degrade the blacks. The southern states on the other hand did not even free or treat the slaves as equals.

Although slavery did exist, people had a strong belief post independence that hard work and struggle would yield results irrespective of the skin tone and financial status. The Revolutionary War also saw the emergence of female power in a largely male dominated society. Before independence, the women were not given much importance socially or financially. They did not have rights to claim for divorce and were looked down upon as objects meant to raise a family. During the War, numerous women fought shoulder to shoulder with men. Women also played a very important role in tending to the wounded and giving medical assistance to the soldiers and army men. This changed the status of women in the country and elevated their position to greater heights.

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How Did The American Revolution Affect People




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