Important People Of The American Revolution  

The American Revolution started because of the tax laws levied on the American public by the British rule. This led to the War of Independence that lasted for eight years from 1775 to 1783.

Listed below are a few famous American revolutionists who pioneered and spearheaded the American Revolution during the War of Independence:

  • George Washington: The First American President was also an active member in the military. He was extremely tactful in employing spies in different colonies to get first hand information about the British plans and ideas. This turned out to be very important while fighting the British.
  • Ethan Allen is considered the hero and patriot of the Americana Revolutionary War. He was also a very famous politician.
  • Joseph Brant was the Mohawk leader and a Loyalist during the period of revolution.
  • Mary Draper was the famous women who treated and cared wounded soldiers during the Revolution helping them regain their strength and health.
  • Nathanael Greene was the American General at the time of the American Revolutionary War.
  • Patrick Henry was the famous for starting the American Revolution War. He was also the Governor of Virginia.
  • John Jay was the 1st Chief Justice of the US.
  • Benjamin Rush was one of the signatories of the Declaration of Independence.
  • James Wilson signed the Declaration of Independence.

Apart from the aforementioned Americans, thousands of citizens played a pioneering role in American Revolution leading to War of Independence and ultimate sovereignty of the American people from the hands of the British.

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Important People Of The American Revolution




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