Laws Leading To The American Revolution  

Although there were numerous events and Acts that led to the American Revolution or the War of Independence, a few important laws changed the outlook of the Americans towards the British. The colonies were charged exuberant amounts of tax which they felt to be extremely unfair and unjust. This led to the famous “Boston Tea Party” uprising among others.

Listed below are a few laws leading to the American Revolution.

1764: This year witnessed two major Acts namely Sugar Act and Currency Act. While the Sugar Act was imposed to increase the revenue of import duties on sugar that were shipped in from West Indies, the Currency Act passed a ban on the American Assemblies from issuing bills.

1765: The Quartering Act and the Stamp Act were passed in the same year. The Quartering Act ordered the colonists to house and provide food along with other amenities to the British soldiers as and when the need arises. The Stamp Act on the other hand stated that tax would be charged on wedding licenses, newspapers and even playing cards.

1773: The British imposed tax duties on imported tea. This was undertaken to help the British East India Company. This Act allowed the British to trade tea in American shores, leading to the famous Boston Tea Party where the colonists disguised themselves as Mohawk Indians and dumped tea packets into the harbor.

1774: The Intolerable Acts were passed as an immediate response to the Boston Tea Party event. This Act placed severe limitations on the colonists restricting their movement and freedom. They were not allowed to hold town meetings.

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Laws Leading To The American Revolution




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