Spying Methods In The American Revolution  

George Washington was a pioneer in implementing numerous techniques to tackle the British. His famous espionage policies bore fruit and played a major role during the American Revolution. He utilized numerous techniques to fool the British and get crucial information.

Codes and invisible ink were some of the famous methods applied for espionage purposes. Spies and agents made use of several codes intermingled with letters and numbers to get a message across. A combination of different numbers symbolized different words. This way, they made sure that the British would not be able to decipher the coded message even if they were to intercept the letters or mails. These coded messages were extremely popular and turned out to be a major success in transferring information from one place to the other. Espionage agents also helped in transferring crucial data from the British soldiers to the American military.

Invisible ink was used to convey messages in letters. Here, the message was penned in the invisible ink in between the actual visible message. This gave rise to very little suspicion as opposed to a series of strange numbers and letters.

The colonists made use Quill and Mask letters. In the former, secret messages were placed carefully in between feathers of quills in the form of thin strips. The Mask messages on the other hand carried messages written on the templates borders. The other parts of the message were written in a different letter. The template and the letter were sent through different routes to the same person. When the person received it, he had to place the templates over the letter and decipher the secret message.

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Spying Methods In The American Revolution




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