What Led To The American Revolution ?  

The American Revolution involved thirteen colonies. After eight years of bitter battle and with immense support and help from the French Army, America managed to free itself from the British rule.

The American Revolution started in 1775, but the dissent and anger against the British rule was increasing for years before the actual revolution. The tax charges levied against the colonists were termed unacceptable. This crippled the American economy leading to poverty. They finally raised the famous slogan “No taxation without representation” in the year 1775. A Continental Army was formed soon after.

The events that led to the famous Revolution have been discussed below:

  • The Sugar Act in 1764 raised the amount of taxes levied on the colonists who used to import sugar from the West Indies.
  • The Currency Act: Imposed in 1764, colonists were banned from printing paper bills and bills of credit. This was passed to regulate the amount of paper money that was produced by the colonists.
  • The Quartering Act: Lieutenant General, Thomas Gage, the Commander-in-Chief of the British North American army, passed this Act in 1765. The colonists were commanded to shelter and provide food to the British soldiers and army men whenever the need arises.
  • The Stamp Act: This was also passed in 1765. The printed papers like legal documents, newspapers, magazines and even marriage licenses were stamped and had an embossed revenue stamp. The colonists had to pay tax for using these legal documents. The money would automatically go to the British Army stationed in North America.
  • The Boston Massacre: Fighting between the British soldiers and the colonists led to the 1770s Boston massacre, signaling the beginning of the American Revolution.

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What Led To The American Revolution




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