Why Did The American Revolution Happen ?  

The American Revolution lasted for eight years leading to the culmination of the British rule on American soil. While there were numerous events and incidences that sowed deep enmity and hatred between the colonists and the British, the continuous suppression and unjust treatment meted out to the colonists led to the Declaration of Independence and the subsequent War in 1775.

America was an extremely fertile and prosperous land. A great degree of freedom and independence led to equality and prosperity in the region. Urbanization was at its minimum. The rich and poor were employed and earned enough wages to sustain a peaceful living for themselves.

The British wanted to exploit the financial prospects of a country that was blessed with numerous resources. Irrespective of whether the people were rich or poor, eighty percent of the families owned lands and other properties in the area. This was an entirely different concept when compared to England where only the rich and the royal members could have land properties.

The British suffered tremendous losses during the Seven-year war and therefore taxed the American colonists heavily to make up for the losses. This forced colonists to pay exuberant amounts of money pushing them towards poverty. Numerous Acts had a direct impact on the movements and freedom of the colonists. The Sugar Act levied tax charges on colonists who imported sugar from West Indies. Similarly, the Stamp Act levied taxes on newspapers, marriage licenses and other legal documents. The Quartering Act forced the colonists to take care and feed the British soldiers as and when necessary.

A tragic Boston massacre and Battle at Lexington and Concord forced the people to stand up against the aristocratic British rule of forty years leading to the American Revolution.

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Why Did The American Revolution Happen




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