Effectiveness Of The Articles Of Confederation  

After America’s Independence in 1783, leaders of various groups formed a central government. However, this newly formed government was extremely weak and had no direct say in any economical or political matters. The Articles of Confederation limited the Congress’s power tremendously. The Government had no right to pass or enforce any legislation that has been passed.

The Central Government had no power to control or levy taxes upon states. It could request the States for money but had no power to order them to pay. This forced the Legislature into poverty because most of the States simply refused and ignored to pay funds. The National Government had no power or resources to run its daily state of affairs.

The Central Government was left helpless when it came to controlling taxes, navigation rights disputes, commerce and trade within and outside the country. The rights to regulate money and currency were equally shared between the States and the Central Government.

This failure to have a strong authority over the nation made other countries apprehensive when it came to trading and buying stocks with America. The failure to have a powerful and strong authority over a nation crippled America’s economy forcing the currency value to dip to an all time low.

People were plunged into debt. They were finding it extremely hard to make up and stabilize their financial status and economy. Taking a serious view of the crippling state of the American economy, each State sent a representative to Philadelphia helping America chart the US Constitution in 1787. This led to the formation of a stronger Central Government reviving America’s economy from a disaster.

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Effectiveness Of The Articles Of Confederation




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