What Is The Articles Of Confederation ?  

The Articles of Confederation was a premature U.S Constitution in the making. It was drafted and signed by all thirteen states in 1781. More popularly known as Articles, it was severely criticized for its weaknesses and flaws making it turn into a huge failure.

The Articles of Confederation had a total of thirteen articles and was drafted by the 2nd Continental Congress in 1776. It was adopted a year later in 1777 and ratified in 1781. The Articles gave immense power to the State governments making the National Government like a puppet.

Listed below are a few points under the Articles of Confederation:

  • The Articles united thirteen states under one banner and were called the United States of America.
  • The states had a right to choose their own rules and laws without requiring the approval of the Central Government.
  • The formation of a new state was permissible if it had a population of 60,000. However, this required the approval of nine other states.
  • The Central Government was not liable to levy taxes on its citizens. It therefore relied heavily on the states to fund for its resources. The state governments on the other hand simply refused or ignored the request making the national government extremely weak.
  • It allowed free movement of people from one state to another.
  • Each state could have two to seven representatives in the national government. Each representative could serve a term of three years.
  • The central government could not ask the state governments for money or troops. It required the consent of the state governments to form an international alliance and even sign peace treaties.

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What Is The Articles Of Confederation




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