Who Wrote The Articles Of Confederation ?  

The American Revolution led to the unification of all 13 states against the colonial British Empire. A series of revolutions and eight years of constant struggle led to the downfall of the British.

Even before America became officially independent, the representatives of the Second Continental Congress wrote down the Articles of Confederation in 1777. It included one delegate from each of the 13 states. Each delegate played an active role in drafting, discussing and revising the module before finalizing the Articles of Confederation. It was sent to different states in 1777. It was ratified and accepted by all 13 states in March 1781.

The thirteen states after agreement became unified under one nation that would later on become the Untied States of America. The Articles were finalized after signing the Treaty of Paris, which signaled the end of British rule and occupation in America, handing over complete sovereignty to the American citizens.

The Articles of Confederation had thirteen articles in total. It gave numerous powers to the State governments as opposed to the National Government. It allowed the States to have their own rules and laws, giving them a free hand at everything they waned to do. It prevented the Central Government from taxing its citizens. This way, the U.S Congress was heavily dependent on the State Governments to fund for its resources. Although there were many drawbacks and criticism, the Articles managed to untie thirteen different colonies under one nation and crafted the formation of Untied States of America. The Articles were later altered and formulated with numerous changes to pave way for the first American Constitution, which is followed until date.

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Who Wrote The Articles Of Confederation




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