Summary Of The Bill Of Rights  

During the Revolutionary War, the Second Continental Congress drafted and wrote the famous Articles of Confederation in 1777. By March 1781, all thirteen states ratified the Articles.

According to the Articles, the National Government had very little or no power while the State Governments had a free hand at everything. This crippled the country’s economy and financial state of affairs. In order to bring in some form of law and order to the country and revive its prospects of becoming a global leader, twelve out of thirteen states sent their delegates to Philadelphia proposing a change in Articles. This led to the formation of the Constitution that is followed until date.
While five states immediately agreed and ratified the newly laid Constitution, the others were very apprehensive and feared that the Central Government was very strongly empowered and might propose unjust laws that would seriously diminish their freedom. These fears were put to rest when the states were informed that there would be a Bill of Rights that would allow for amendments in the Constitution giving everyone a fair say in the affair. The Constitution was finally ratified in 1778, and the first 10 amendments were laid in the year 1791. This was called the Bill Of Rights.

  • The first Amendment:

Freedom of speech
Freedom of religion
Freedom of press
Right to come together and make petition to the government

  • The Second Amendment:

Right to have arms

  • The Third Amendment:

Eradication of forceful quartering of troops

  • The Fourth Amendment:

Safeguard citizens from unreasonable search of their papers, property, etc.

  • The Fifth Amendment:

Prohibition of double jeopardy or self-incrimination

  • The Sixth Amendment:

Right to speedy trail

  • The Seventh Amendment:

Rights to jury in law suits

  • The Eight Amendment:

Prohibition of bail and/or caporal punishment

  • The Ninth Amendment:

Protection of non-enumerated rights

  • The Tenth Amendment:

Reservation of state and people powers

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Summary Of The Bill Of Rights




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