What Is The Bill Of Rights ?  

The Bill of Rights was drafted and formulated to amend a few irregularities and shortcomings present in the U.S. Constitution. Generally, the first 10 amendments made in the Constitution are known as the Bill of Rights. As the name suggests, these were meant to safeguard and guarantee the rights and liberty of the American citizens.

These Rights came into effect with tremendous support and help from anti federalists. Before the Constitution was written and ratified, Independent America was following the Articles of Confederation. These Articles gave immense power to the Federal Governments weakening the National government. This led to an economic downfall and reluctance on part of other nations to trade or build alliances with America. While twelve out of thirteen states agreed to send delegates to Philadelphia, modify the Articles and form a new Constitution, most of them were apprehensive about giving the President monarch type powers to run the country. This led to the formation of the Bill of Rights, which promised to safeguard the freedom and liberty of the American citizens under law.

James Madison is famously called the author of Bill of Rights. A total of ten amendments were made initially. Many have followed soon after but the first 10 are famously called the Bill of Rights. The first amendment gave the citizens the freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of press. They also had a right to assemblies. The second, third and fourth amendments gave the citizens rights to have arms, to prevent forceful quartering of soldiers and prevent unwanted searches of a person’s house, papers, properties, etc. Other amendments were passed in a similar fashion to give equal rights to the people and the federal government.

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What Is The Bill Of Rights




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