Who Wrote The Bill Of Rights ?  

The first ten amendments made to the Constitution are termed as the Bill of Rights. Anti federalists were against the enforcement of a Constitution and replacing the Articles of Confederation, which had given extreme power to the Federal Governments. They felt the President would misuse power if the Contusion came into effect.

In order to bust the worries of the anti federalists, the delegates made an agreement to include a Bill of Rights that would accommodate and safeguard the freedom and rights of American citizens and the State Governments within the boundaries of American Law. The ten amendments made were to provide freedom of speech, religion and press. The citizens could not be searched for their properties or legal documents without having a proof to do so. The citizens were free from housing and sheltering soldiers during peace. The citizens also had the right to bear arms for self-protection.

When these amendments were made, it was easier to convince the anti federalists and the citizens of America that a dictatorship like rule will not be forced upon the people. This made the people accept the Constitution resulting in the ratification of all thirteen states.

There is considerable confusion regarding the author of the Bill of Rights. James Madison was one of the many delegates who wrote the Bill of Rights. However, the credit for giving an idea to bring about amendments goes to George Mason. He is popularly called the Father of Bill of Rights. He is known to have convinced Madison to write the Bill. Thomas Jefferson was known to persuade and convince Madison to include the various laws under the First Amendment. Therefore, the credit for writing the Bill of Rights is equally shared by many parties.

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Who Wrote The Bill Of Rights




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