When Did The Boston Massacre Take Place ?  

The Boston Massacre resulted in the death of five civilians on March 5, 1770. Although the number of dead was much less to be termed a massacre, the rebels made use of the situation turning the colonists against the British leading to the famous American Revolution that took place many years later.

The colonists were taxed heavily for numerous items crippling their financial status. This was an attempt by the British Parliament to make up for its financial losses suffered during the Seven-year war. The colonists termed the heavy taxation duties as extremely unfair. This resulted in confrontations between the two parties in numerous places. Boston in particular was very tense. The rebels and colonists started attacking the tax collectors positioned at different places to vent their anger and frustration. As a means to control the mob, numerous British soldiers were stationed at key points. The presence of soldiers was not well accepted by the colonists. Verbal exchanges and minor skirmishes were quite common between the two parties but were not very serious.

Hugh White was stationed at the Old House State to provide protection to the tax collectors. A minor verbal duel between White and a young rebel named Patrick Garrick forced White to hit Garrick with a musket on his head. A wounded Garrick managed to draw at least 300 to 400 rebels towards him. The mob attacked the soldiers positioned in the area. As a means of self-defense, the soldiers fired back at the crowd leading to the death of five rebels. This angered the locals who began to exaggerate the incident as a “massacre” turning thousands of Americans against the British soldiers.

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When Did The Boston Massacre Take Place




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Who Was Involved In The Boston Massacre ?      The Boston Massacre occurred in the evening of March 5, 1770. Although the number of civilians killed during the “Massacre” was just five, it was enough to trigger a mass revolt against the British soldiers positioned in Boston and elsewhere leading to the famous American Revolution. More..




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