Who Was Involved In The Boston Massacre ?  

The Boston Massacre occurred in the evening of March 5, 1770. Although the number of civilians killed during the “Massacre” was just five, it was enough to trigger a mass revolt against the British soldiers positioned in Boston and elsewhere leading to the famous American Revolution.

The British had stationed numerous soldiers in Boston and other places. This was a measure to check the unruly mob activities taking place in the region. The civilians were opposed to paying taxes to the British. In an attempt to show their opposition, the civilians would attack or harass the tax collectors. To provide security to these men, the British had stationed a British Sentinel. After a verbal confrontation with the mob, that was almost 50 in number, Captain Thomas Preston, a British officer, ordered for more number of troops to enter the region and control the crowd. When the mob got extremely violent and unruly, the British soldiers were forced to fire back at the crowd leading to the death of three civilians on the spot, namely Crispus Attucks, Samuel Gray and James Caldwell. Samuel Maverick and Patrick Carr were severely injured and died while receiving treatment in a hospital.

John Hancock ordered the immediate removal of British troops in the region. Samuel Quincy and Robert Treat Paine were appointed as attorneys to judge the case. John Adams and Josiah Quincy II represented the British and were able to secure the release of the British men charged with manslaughter. This did not go down well with the Americans who thought it to be an insult to the men who laid down their lives. A constant vicious campaign by the rebels led to the American Revolution, resulting in America’s independence.

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Who Was Involved In The Boston Massacre




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Why Did Boston Massacre Happen ?      Boston witnessed the killing of five innocent colonists in an exchange of fire between the British and the Americans. This was one of the many incidents that triggered the famous American Revolution, that would last for eight years and lead to the ultimate victory of the Americans with the downfall of the British Empire. The events that led to the Boston confrontation have been discussed below. More..




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