Boston Tea Party Facts  

The famous Boston Tea Party was one of the many events highlighting the revolt and anger of the colonists against the British rule. The latter were taxing the colonists heavily to get financial assistance for their armies stationed on American shores. The most atrocious tax imposed was on tea imported from the British companies.

The colonists disguised themselves as Mohawk Indians and disposed all 342 tea containers into the harbor. This act was famously called the “Boston Tea Party” or BTP.

Listed below are a few important facts about BTP:

  • Tea was smuggled and sold at extremely cheap prices to counteract the taxes that were imposed on British goods. However, America was not the only country that smuggled tea packets. Citizens of Britain were also involved in smuggling and selling tea illegally because they could not pay the exuberant amounts being charged by their Parliament.
  • The tea did not actually belong to the Indian company. It belonged to the Chinese and was extracted from the Bohea type of plant species.
  • Although the world is quite famous with 3 ships that docked in Boston harbor, namely the Beaver, Eleanor and Dartmouth, not many know that a fourth ship was to make its way to the harbor but was stuck in Cape Cod. This ship was named William.
  • In order to tackle the imported products the British taxed that heavily, the Americans learnt to use tealeaves from the local plants and named them Labrador tea.
  • Thomas Young was the youngest participant who was involved in dumping tea containers into the harbor.
  • David Kinnison was the last known survivor to have been photographed. He lived for 115 years.

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Boston Tea Party Facts




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