Where Did The Boston Tea Party Take Place ?  

The British rule forced American colonists to pay undue amount of tax on imported products. This was a measure to fill the British treasury and at the same time cripple the colonists’ financial status. Constant revolts and protests forced the British parliament to repeal the Townshend taxes. However, they did not repeal the tax duties imposed on imported tea shipped from other countries.

The British parliament enacted the Tea Act in 1777. This forced the colonists to pay tax on tea imported from the British East India Company. The British tried to make up for the huge amount of financial losses they faced after the infamous Seven-year war by passing the Tea Act in 1777. This obviously did not go down well with the colonists.

The colonists began smuggling thousands of tea packets, forcing the tea sales in colonies to drop by 70 percent. The British saw the financial losses incurred due to tax levied on tea imports. They immediately slashed the prices and made sure that the imported tea would be sold at an extremely low price inclusive of taxes, making it cheaper than the smuggled tea that was being sold by the colonists.

On November 28th, three ships namely Dartmouth, Beaver and Eleanor arrived in Boston harbor filled with tea containers shipped form British East India Company. The colonists refused to allow the tea packets to be shipped onto the land. They disguised themselves as Mohawk Indians and placed 342 tea containers on the harbor. They spilt all tea containers and threw them into the harbor leading to a “Boston Tea Party” which was also dubbed as “Saltwater Tea”.

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Where Did The Boston Tea Party Take Place




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Who Was Involved In The Boston Tea Party ?      The Boston Tea Party was a famous act of defiance by the colonists to oppose the Tea Act that was passed by the British Parliament. They charged the colonists exuberant amounts of money for buying tea products imported from other countries. This was termed extremely unfair by the colonists who termed the tax charges levied against them as unjust, because none of them was represented in the British Parliament when the Tax Act was passed. More..




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