Who Was Involved In The Boston Tea Party ?  

The Boston Tea Party was a famous act of defiance by the colonists to oppose the Tea Act that was passed by the British Parliament. They charged the colonists exuberant amounts of money for buying tea products imported from other countries. This was termed extremely unfair by the colonists who termed the tax charges levied against them as unjust, because none of them was represented in the British Parliament when the Tax Act was passed.

The colonists revolted by buying and selling smuggled tea at extremely low prices. They also prepared local tea by using tealeaves available in the surroundings. The British on the other hand were bringing in three ships loaded with tea containers from the British East India Company. The colonists disguised themselves as Mohawk Indian and seized the tea containers, split them and disposed the containers in the harbor. They famously called the incident as “Saltwater Tea”.

The list of participants who took part in “Boston Tea Party” was extremely confidential. They had taken a vow not to reveal each other’s names. The number of participants was estimated to be around thirty to sixty.

Most of the participants were merchants, artisans and farmers. Many had even traveled from far away lands to take part in the event. The following people seem to have taken part in the revolt:

  • Thomas Melvill
  • Lendall Pits
  • John Crane
  • Thomas Bolter
  • Peter Slater
  • Robert Sessions
  • William Molineux
  • Thomas Young (seems to be a controversial figure in the list of participants)
  • Ebenezer Mackintosh
  • Joseph Shed

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Who Was Involved In The Boston Tea Party




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Why Did The Boston Tea Party Happen ?      The Boston Tea Party is one of the many incidents that portrayed the colonists’ revolt and anger against the British Rule. The British had imposed heavy tax duties on imported products like tea, paint, sugar, etc, that were imported from other countries. The colonists argued that none of them was represented in the British Parliament when the tax duties were imposed. They did not accept an Act that was passed without their approval or consent. More..




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