French And Indian War Timeline  

The French and Indian War was one of the last pitched battles fought on American soil before the famous American Revolution. The War lasted for seven years (1754 to 1763) and is therefore famously known as the Sven year War. French and British armies were at loggerheads in gaining control of North America, a continent that was fought over for centuries.

France initially was in control of the whole of Canada and Louisiana. Britain on the other hand had the entire East Coast of North America under its control. The British sent Colonel George Washington with a clear message asking the French to back off from their fort and vacate the land. However, the small army of Washington was no match to the French. Washington was soon defeated and sent back. This angered the British who began to attack the French with their strong naval armies. In 1756, the British won numerous naval battles giving them crucial upper hand against the French stationed on land.

By 1759, the British General, James Wolfe defeated the French at Quebec, giving them complete authority over the land. The war resulted in Britain gaining control over North America. France was defeated and had to hand over Canada and eastern areas of Mississippi River. The Treaty of Paris was signed in 1763, signaling the end of the Seven-year War. Both the British and the French suffered huge losses in terms of money, resources and man power. This forced the British to collect exuberant amounts of taxes from the colonists, leading to the famous American Revolution.

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French And Indian War Timeline




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