How Did The French And Indian War Start ?  

France and England were at loggerheads to gain control of continents the world over. In the eighteen century, North America was controlled and ruled by Spain, Britain and France. France along with Spain had control over the northern and central areas of North America while Britain was ruling Eastern America.

France claimed that they were the first to explore parts of Mississippi River, Ohio and Great Lakes. The British on the other hand claimed that the lands belonged to their explorers. The local Indian tribes on the other hand had internal conflicts disuniting them. Seizing the opportunity, the French and British armies started getting parts of the Indian tribes towards their side resulting in a full fledged war between the French and British armies with the help of local Indians on both the sides.

The French settlers living in parts of Canada, called New France then, were forced to accept Catholic preaching while they were Protestant followers. This made numerous French settlers move over to the British side. The French also built Fort Duquesne in the city of Pittsburg. The British claimed it to be their land. When George Washington was sent with a message asking the French colonies to withdraw from the area in 1754, the French refused to do so. This resulted into the war between the two nations that would last for seven years with support from the Indian tribes settled in the region.

Finally, the Treaty of Paris was signed between the two armies in 1763. The British got control of the whole of North America.

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How Did The French And Indian War Start




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