Results Of The French And Indian War  

The French Indian war lasted for seven years and led to tremendous losses of life and property. A combined effort by the French and American Indians could not contain and defeat the British forces. The result was a constant battle from 1756 to 1763 between the French and British forces.

The French Captain refused to withdraw his troops from Ohio in November 1754, when asked to do so by the Virginian Major, George Washington. This led to a confrontation and a subsequent war between the two armies. Initially, the British army was not very successful in gaining control of major territories. In fact, the French managed to capture numerous regions in the first 2 years of war. When William Pitt became the British Secretary of State, he powered the British forces in North America with tons of arms, ammunition and troops to get a complete hold of North America. This helped the British capture the regions occupied by the French forces in 1759. They won the Battle of Plains of Abraham, and took control of Province of Montreal and Quebec. When the war ended in 1763, the entire North America was under the British.

Although the British won the War, the losses were tremendous. They were left in a deep state of financial crisis. This forced the British to tax the American colonists heavily to make up for the losses and pay the British soldiers stationed in America. The heavy tax duties and continuous oppression did not go down well with the colonists who revolted against the atrocities committed, leading to the famous American Revolution.

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Results Of The French And Indian War




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