Roles Of George Washington In French And Indian War  

George Washington played a crucial role during the French and Indian War that lasted for seven years. Governor Robert Dinwiddie recruited him in 1753 to order the French to move away from the region of Ohio. The French blatantly reused to do so, leading to a bloody war that would last for seven years and result in the beginning of the famous American Revolution.

While asking the French to move back, Washington heard that French armies had different plans and in fact were panning to move deeper into the territories and attack the British. On learning about the latest developments, Washington rushed back to Virginia to inform Dinwiddie. He was strengthened with 400 men and headed straight towards the confluence of the Allegheny River and Monongahela River. However, this turned to be a very late response as the French had already made it before Washington and set up their bases in the region.

Washington later managed to script a surprise victory over the French army when he cleverly set up an entrenched camp to defeat the French. In retaliation, the French army defeated and crushed Washington’s army forcing them to withdraw in defeat on July 3, 1754. Washington was later appointed as the Commander in Chief of Virginia. In 1758, headed by General John Forbes, he commanded one of the 3 brigades that were heading towards Fort Duquesne. A series of battles led to the bloody exchange of fire between the French and the British troops leading to the Sever year long battle.

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Roles Of George Washington In French And Indian War




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