Where Did The French And Indian War End ?  

The French and Indian War lasted for seven years from 1754 to 1763. It was one of the bitterest battles fought between the French and British troops. Although the loss of lives, money and property were tremendous on both the sides, the victory to the British gave little relief given the huge financial losses that were incurred in the process. This was the last battle to be fought in North America before the famous American Revolution that started a few years later. The war covered three major continents and resulted in the British gaining access to the entire North America including Canada.

Territorial fights between the French and British armies extended beyond Europe. The French tried convincing the Iroquois Indians to allow some settlement in the Ohio River Valley. However, they learnt that the natives were extremely in favor of the British and were not interested in giving up their land for the French cause. The fur trade of the Ohio Valley was of great financial interest to both the parties. In the year 1753, the French built a series of forts along the banks of Allegheny River in Pennsylvania.

In the year 1758, the British under the leadership of William Pitt managed to capture Forts Frontenac, Louisbourg and Duquesne. A year later, the British managed to conquer Crown Point, Ticonderoga and Forts Niagara. The French army was finally defeated on the Plains of Abraham leading to the conquering of Quebec and Montréal in 1760. France on the other hand got control of St. Pierre and Miquelon. The Treaty of Paris was signed in 1763 signaling the end of the Seven Year war.  

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Where Did The French And Indian War End




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