Who Fought In The French And Indian War ?  

The French and Indian War lasted for seven years (1754 to 1763) and was an intense battle fought between the French and British armies before the American Revolution. The battle was to gain control of the North American continent. The French and American Indian allies were fighting pitched battles against English and its American colonies.

The French and British armies were interested in getting control of the Ohio River valley, which was flourishing with fur trade during the period. The natives were refusing to part with their piece of land but their refusal fell into deaf ears as both the French and British armies marched on. The Protestant groups in New England were worried about the rapid rise of the Catholic influencers in parts of North America which they felt would fall prey to the Catholic thinkers.

In the year 1753, George Washington was ordered by Governor Dinwiddie to pass a message to the French forces in Ohio, asking the latter to withdraw his troops immediately from the region. When the French refused to do so, the first battle between the British and the French armies occurred. This was called the Battle of Jumonville Glen. This soon flared into a full fledged war lasting for seven years.

Tremendous amounts of life and property were lost on both the sides. In the end, the British managed to get hold of New France, towards the East of Mississippi River. They also gained access to Spanish Florida and Canada, having an entire control of North America.

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Who Fought In The French And Indian War




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French And Indian War Timeline      The French and Indian War was one of the last pitched battles fought on American soil before the famous American Revolution. The War lasted for seven years (1754 to 1763) and is therefore famously known as the Sven year War. French and British armies were at loggerheads in gaining control of North America, a continent that was fought over for centuries. More..




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