Early Jamestown Settlement  

On the land of America, the first English settlement was The Jamestown Settlement Colony, the first English successful settlement. It was named after the King of England; named James I. Jamestown was the first colony of Virginia, founded on May 14, 1607.

On the banks of James River in Virginia, a group of boys and 104 Englishmen started a settlement. It was sponsored by the Virginia Company. In the early years, the community suffered a lot but managed to continue to make it the first permanent English colony.

When Captain Smith left for his job, the three commissioners arrived from the Bermudas. Meanwhile, miseries rolled over the settlers. The new-fangled settlers, with the help of injustice and cruelty made the Indian enemies. Death, bloodshed brooded over the settlement. Out of four hundred and ninety persons, sixty alive with whom Captain Smith left in Virginia. In the very beginning, Jamestown faced various troubles. They were a blend of gentlemen and craftsmen. There was a shortage of food, so they had quickly started trade with the Native Americans for supplies. Trading was bit difficult with the Indians.

In 1608, Captain John Smith came to assist them out. He took over the control of Jamestown and forced everyone to work. In modern era, "Jamestown Settlement" is used by the Commonwealth of Virginia as a historical attractions as a promotional name at Jamestown. Undoubtedly, it is closest and harmonizing the historical place Jamestown. It is the real historic place which is preserved by the National Park Service and Preservation Virginia to symbolize the first settlers who landed and lived there.

The purpose to found Jamestown was to make a quick profit from mining of gold with the establishment of a permanent foothold for England in North America. Jamestown made not less than eighteen attempts that also failed at European colonization counting the most famous ‘Lost Colony’.

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Early Jamestown Settlement




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