History Of Jamestown And Newport Rhode Island  

Not less than 565 million years ago, the land below the Jamestown area, all consisting of Rhode Island formed as made of a volcanic arc which is now called the west coast of Africa. The mainland of North America was drifted and collided around 450 million years ago by the Avalonian Volcanic Arc which was influenced of tectonic forces. As a result, that collision created the most of New England and the Northern Appalachians. Avalonia was pushed ahead onto the continent of North America comprise the bedrock which is almost occupy all of the land of the states of New England.

For the past seventy-five thousand years, the two enormous glaciations are the most observable geological distinctiveness of Jamestown and the region Narragansett Bay. The natives of America were the first to arrive in the area. It was about twelve thousand years ago, they undeniably spent their time mostly in the valleys near to the ancient streams and rivers. As melting of ice sheets continued in the northern region, the level of sea rose covering the low- level areas and finally inflowing and filling up the region which is now known as Narragansett Bay. The rise in the sea level changed the scenario of the landscape and in the due course forced people and animals to move to some upper elevations. Conanicut Island is one of the evidence that speak about the oldest human artifacts which were found about 3000 BC.

In the year 1524, Giovani Verrazzano, the Italian navigator with his crew visited Narragansett Bay and became the first Europeans to do that. That time it was not for the settlement rather an exploration of journey. Some settlers and explorers also claimed that there were thousands of Narragansett Indians and Wampanoag residing in the area of Narragansett.

Gradually, for about four decades, the Native Americans and small recently made colonies started dwelling side by side. Unfortunately, conflicts started in various different places in southern area of New England. And further that lead to War of King Philip's. Conanicut Island was occupied and further dominated by the colonists. In the year 1678, Conanicut Island was integrated as the town of Jamestown and named after Prince James and later King James II. It had a population of around 150. By the year 1700, with the prosperous growth of agriculture, it led to the population growing to around 200.

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History Of Jamestown And Newport Rhode Island




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