When Was Jamestown Founded ?  

On 14th May 1607, Jamestown, the first English colony was founded, located on Jamestown Island in the colony of Virginia. The United States of America, now the most powerful and well developed country, was earlier a permanent English settlement colony. After several downfalls and failed attempts, it was founded by the Company of Virginia, which was earlier coined as London Company. The company of Virginia brought Dutch and Polish colonists within a year of Jamestown's foundation to support and progress the settlement.

In 1634, it was formed consisting of 8 shares of Virginia when that was located in James City County. For eighty-three years counting from 1616 to 1699, Jamestown remained the capital of the Colony. After that only, Middle Plantation, about eight miles far from the earlier capital was selected as the new capital given to the Jamestown. Bermuda, the second settlement of London Company claims the oldest town in the New World. It was officially established in 1612 as New London until 1619 where James Fort had not converted into Jamestown.

After the transfer of Virginia's capital to Jamestown, it still claims the existence of the settlement to Williamsburg in 1699. As archaeological power remains, St. George's still has continuation power and hope. Jamestown is comprises of three locations namely the Jamestown, Yorktown, Historic Triangle of Colonial Virginia and Williamsburg. It is a Living Historical site operated by the Jamestown Yorktown Foundation collaboration with the Commonwealth of Virginia was established and celebrated its 350th anniversary in 1957.

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When Was Jamestown Founded




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Who-Founded-Jamestown      Jamestown was founded on May 14, 1607, in the Colony of Virginia. Jamestown was set up in the New World as the first English colony which had its own permanent settlement. It is presently situated in the peninsular area, near the James River in the state of Virginia. More..




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