Who Founded Jamestown ?  

Jamestown was founded on May 14, 1607, in the Colony of Virginia. Jamestown was set up in the New World as the first English colony which had its own permanent settlement. It is presently situated in the peninsular area, near the James River in the state of Virginia.

The London Company constituted of merchants who desired to start a money-making colony. The three tiny ships carried 144 settlers by the company to get valuable goods for them. They chose a swampy settle down to protect themselves by the Indians. The name Jamestown was taken from King James I and further called as Jamestown. Captain John Smith who was an adventurer appointed Edward Wingfield as the President of Jamestown.

For years, there is a spread out of disease and starvation. Most of the colonies were removed by the Native American but consistently the London Company continued sending more and more settlers and supplied goods. In 1612, John Rolfe was the one to cultivate tobacco at Jamestown which was further used for the living purpose by the people. In 1614, John married Pocahontas just to ensure peace among the people but the sudden death of Chief Powhatan brought anger and conflict that almost wiped out the settlement.

It was named after King James I of England and established the first representative government of America. Before the establishment of Jamestown, the King of England approved a charter to the Virginia Company situated at London. This charter gave the opportunity to the company to get the right to settle and explore the limited parts of the New World. Captain Christopher actually commanded Newport who sailed away and started an adventure towards the New World. The voyage included Captain John Smith and group of other hundred men. According to the historians, it was Captain John Smith who actually founded the Jamestown.

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Who Founded Jamestown ?




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