Importance Of Mayflower Compact  

Mayflower Compact is an essential document in the history of politics. It is Plymouth Colony’s first governing document. The importance of this document lies in the fact that it is the first of its kind to come up with the idea of majority rule concept. It established the government of United States of America as a democratic one, where everybody was eligible to cast their vote for a new government.

The issue of the Mayflower Compact brought about a drastic but positive change in the American political scenario. Under this policy, every man in the nation was able to vote his own opinion, in his own freewill. This set a remarkable example in the field of liberty of the commoners.

Under the Mayflower Compact, all the adult males settling at Plymouth could cast their own votes on various issues. Those settlers can even attend the town meetings and formulate their own laws and regulations based on the discussion there. However, this law does not apply to the servants of the state.

The reason behind the nomenclature of this document is a history in itself. The said document was structured by the colonists who crossed the great Atlantic Ocean via the marine vessel called Mayflower. Now, this document was signed on 11th November 1620. It was formed mainly for serving as a survival guide for the colonists themselves (also called Pilgrims). Later in that month, Mayflower along with the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth (the name given by them), from where the document became so popular.

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Importance Of Mayflower Compact




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Mayflower-Compact-Signer      Mayflower Compact is one of the most important government documents of all times. This document first brought about the idea of ruling of the majority opinion on the shores of the US. This Compact was designed and signed by the people traveling across the Atlantic Ocean aboard Mayflower. It was, however done at that time to serve their purposes. More..




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