How Did Patrick Henry Die ?  

Patrick Henry is known for his famous one-liner “Give me liberty, or give me death”. He was one of the most famous orators in America. Born in 1736, he was educated for most part of his life by his father. He got married at the age of 18 and was forced to sustain a living with a small business set up by his father. His entrepreneurship skills were not too good turning the business into bankruptcy. At the age of 24, he decided to study law and saw his personal and professional life rise to an all time high.

He became an active member in politics and delivered the famous speech in Virginia against the rulings of the “Stamp Act”. He was soon a member of the First and the Second Continental Congress. He was elected as the Governor of Virginia for five terms from 1776 to 1786. He was an active member of the American Revolution and was famously observed for holding numerous rallies with Samuel Adams and Thomas Paine.

A staunch critic of the new Constitution, he was against the implementation or ratification of the Constitution, which he termed to be anti democratic. He had a crucial role to play in scripting the Bill of Rights, which gave importance to the freedom and liberty of American citizens and safeguarded the rights of the State governments.

He famously declined the Secretary of State post offered by George Washington because of the latter’s Federalist policies. He was however elected in the Virginia House of Delegates but died due to stomach cancer even before he could take office.

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How Did Patrick Henry Die




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