When Did The House Of Burgesses Begin ?  

The House of Burgesses is an important and much discussed chapter in the history of American politics. It is the first legislative body of its kind to have been established on the land of America, to be in the lines of the British administrative body. In fact, the term, burgess is derived from the word burgh or borough which means administrative divisions in several nations. These nations, of course include the Great Britain.

The House of Burgesses was formed and had their first session a year before the Mayflower Compact took shape. Mayflower Compact is another important subject in the political history of the United States that is said to serve as the foundation of the American Constitution itself. The first ever session organized by the Members of the Virginia House of Burgesses was in 30th July 1619 in Jamestown.

The first session came to an abrupt end in the House of Burgesses due to an unexpected malarial outbreak. That session had twenty two members, from various constituencies like, the government of the colony (appointed in British capital of London), council of the governor and the local burgesses. However, later on, the sessions of the House of Burgesses began to take place regularly, that is, once a year in the same venue of Jamestown. In fact, many important and significant decisions were taken during these sessions by prominent people who helped in shaping the American administrative scenario for the better.

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When Did The House Of Burgesses Begin




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