Importance Of The Louisiana Purchase ( 1803)  

Importance Of The Louisiana Purchase

The French and Indian War resulted in France losing out on all its territories in America. The British on the other hand managed to take control of the whole of North America. The western parts of the Louisiana were given to Spain while the eastern parts were under British rule. When America got independence from the British, the western parts of the region were comfortably under the Spanish rule. Since it was a very important trade route, Americans managed to sign a treaty with Spain that would allow America to use the port of New Orleans. More...


Facts About Lewis And Clark Expedition ( 1804 )

Facts About Lewis And Clark Expedition

The most famous expedition undertaken by Lewis and Clarke lasted for more than two years and was one of the most successful campaigns undertaken to discovery vast parts across Pacific Ocean in adventitious and challenging terrains.

Listed below are some interesting facts about the expedition: More...


History Of The War Of 1812 ( 1812 - 1814 )

History Of The War Of 1812

The War of 1812 was declared by America against Britain and the Canadian Provincial Army. There were numerous reasons for declaring war on Britain. After the American Revolution, America was recognized as an independent and free nation. Britain however continued to force America to supply resources to its soldiers who were fighting against the French leader Napoleon Bonaparte. America did not like this interference and authoritative type of rulings passed by Britain after independence. More...


History Of The Star Spangled Banner ( 1814 )

History Of The Star Spangled Banner

The Star Spangled Banner, which was adopted as the national anthem of the United States in 1931, was composed a century earlier in 1814. During the American British War in 1812, the British forces were keen on attacking America on its coastal lines. The American forces were weak and feeble to defend the British troops. The British after successfully attacking Washington moved over to attack Baltimore. More...


Purpose Of The Treaty Of Ghent ( 1814 )

Purpose Of The Treaty Of Ghent

The Treaty of Ghent was signed between America, Britain and Ireland on December 24, 1814, signaling the end of the two-year War between American and Britain. The reasons for the America declaring war on the British were numerous. Although America had received independence from Britain, the latter continued taxing America to supply resources for its soldiers who were fighting the French leader Napoleon Bonaparte. This did not go down well with Americans who wanted to be treated like an independent nation in the region. More...


Facts About Missouri Compromise ( 1820 )

Facts About Missouri Compromise

The Missouri Compromise in 1820 was an attempt to decrease the growing tensions between the Northern and Southern states in the region. When America bought Louisiana from France, the country doubled in size. This automatically meant that America would now have to deal with increased territorial and border disputes with the existing states. More...


The History Of The Monroe Doctrine ( 1823 )

The History Of The Monroe Doctrine

The Monroe Doctrine was the beginning of America trying to exert itself as a super power and forcing other countries to recognize it as one. During his annual address to the congress, President James Monroe passed the doctrine that clearly stated that no European or colonial presence in and around the Western Hemisphere would be tolerated. America viewed that any type of intervention or presence of the European countries in and around the country would cause as serious threat to the peace and stability of America. More...


History Of Trail Of Tears ( 1838 )

History Of Trail Of Tears

After independence, the white population in America increased tremendously. The local Native Tribes who were present in the region for centuries were forced to leave their homeland or were promised “better compensation”. The lands of the tribes were extremely rich and fertile. Agriculture was the main profession in the region. These tribes depended heavily on the natural scenic lands of America. More...


Mexican American War Facts ( 1846-1848 )

Mexican American War Facts

As soon as Texas received independence from the Mexican Government in 1836, it was annexed by the American Government. One major reason for annexation was the large presence of American immigrants in Texas. Prior to its annexation, it was recognized as Independent Republic of Texas by America, France and Britain. More...


Facts The Gold Rush ( 1848 )

Facts The Gold Rush

The Gold Rush was a significant chapter in American history. When California and other states were purchased by America, details regarding the abundant presence of numerous minerals, metals and fertile lands were discussed occasionally but not clearly established. These new territories were left unexplored for centuries by numerous countries. In the 1848, a dramatic turn of events would lead to thousands of citizens moving over to California in search of the precious yellow metal. More...








American History Timeline :

The Indian Removal Act And The Trail Of Tears      The constant presence of the whites in the land of the Indian tribes resulted in forceful evictions and unjust treatment to the locals tribes in the hands of the Whites. The greed to hold more land and the thirst for expanding their territories made President Andrew Jackson pass the Indian Removal Act in 1830. According to this Act, the local Indian tribes (Cherokees) would be removed completely from their native land. More..




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