What Controversy Led To The Missouri Compromise ?  

The expansion of America’s western borders and territories was a cause of concern for the Northern states for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the Southern states were extremely in favor of slavery, a tradition that was ingrained in their culture for centuries. Secondly, the increasing booming population and expansion of territories in the Southern region made the Northern regions insecure. They feared that the Southern states would outnumber the Northern states in the House of Representatives, leading to a shift of power in the country.

After the Louisiana Purchase, the country almost doubled in size. The Southern states wanted the country to accept Missouri as slave state. The Southern regions were thriving due to flourishing cotton cultivation in the region. They wanted a large number of slaves to take care of the lands and cultivate crops. The Northern states feared that this would bring about an imbalance in the country due to more number of slaves states than free states in the region. They also wanted complete abolishment of slavery in the country. In order to prevent a civil war from unfolding in a young country, the Missouri Compromise was passed. According to this, the state of Missouri would be declared as a slave state. At the same time, Maine would be inducted as a free state. This immediately balanced the number of free and slave states in the region, putting to rest speculations and insecurity between the Southern and Northern states.

Although this Compromise seemed to be just and fair on paper, many analysts knew that this would simply lead to further tensions and disputes between pro and anti slavery forces in the country.

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What Controversy Led To The Missouri Compromise




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