Monroe Doctrine For Kids  

Monroe Doctrine was one of the important judgments passed to bring America into the foray of the world map and establish itself as a super power.

Listed below are some important facts about the doctrine:

  • Monroe Doctrine was passed by President James Monroe in 1823 as part of his annual speech to address the House of Representatives.
  • It stated that America would not allow or tolerate any type of European or colonial presence in the Western Hemisphere.
  • The Doctrine stated that any type of intervention or presence of the European powers in the region was a direct threat to the safety of the American country.
  • It also stated that America would not tolerate the formation of puppet government in the region under the influence of colonial or European powers.
  • This doctrine was passed as a specific veiled threat to Spain, which America feared, would take back its lost territories in the South American Continent that had recently declared themselves independent.
  • This was named after President Monroe. However, not many know that the idea behind passing such a doctrine was that of Monroe’s Secretary, John Quincy Adams. He would later on become the president of America.
  • America showed that it was serious about the doctrine when it invoked the rules and backed Mexico against the French leader.
  • Soon after, this doctrine extended to regions all over Latin America and the Caribbean islands.
  • America was successful in preventing the Soviet Union from setting up missile bases in Cuba. After enforcing air and navy quarantine measures, it was successful in preventing the Soviet Union from setting up any basis in the region.

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Monroe Doctrine For Kids




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