Why Did The Wright Brothers Invent The Airplane ? ( 1903 )  

Why Did The Wright Brothers Invent The Airplane ?

It is claimed that when the Wright Brothers were young boys, their father brought an object that he asked them to identify. However, the brothers could not. Their father then released the object and it flew inspiring awe in the two young boys. Milton, the boys' father, explained to them that the small model was called a helicopter. This prompted Orville and Wilbur to vow that someday they would also fly. So, in all probability the Wright Brothers went on to invent the airplane because of this childhood experience that fascinated them. More...


The Treaty Of Versailles Significance ( 1919 )

The Treaty Of Versailles Significance

The significance of the Treaty of Versailles is that it helped to bring an end to World War I and also helped in deciding the fate of Germany after the war came to an end. To under the significance of the treaty, it is important to first understand the mindset of the signatories. The four nations that were the main signatories of the treaty along with Germany were Britain, United States, France and Italy. More...


History Of Prohibition In The United States ( 1920 -1933 )

History Of Prohibition In The United States

At the stroke of midnight on 16th January 1920, prohibition started in the US. The route to prohibition started many years earlier when the Anti Saloon League and Women's Christian Temperance Union joined hands to ensure that government enacted prohibition. They blamed liquor consumption to all the evil present in the society, like domestic violence, child abuse and lowered labor productivity. Hence, those who supported this believed that by making liquor consumption and production illegal, it would help to reduce crime, corruption and also help in making the immigrants more American. More...


Guidelines For Fair Labor Standards Act ( 1938 )

Guidelines For Fair Labor Standards Act

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) establishes some guidelines for paying minimum wages and also how employees and workers should be paid. If there were no rules, then employers like corporate business houses may take advantage of the labor available and maximize on their profits. The FLSA does not allow such things to happen. The Fair Labor Standards Act has some key governing bodies like Wage and Hour Division that comes under the United States Department of Labor. All federal, government and even employees in the private sector are governed by this act. The State and local government employees are also covered by the Basic Wage Standards. More...


Significance Of Berlin Blockade ( 1948 - 1949 )

Significance Of Berlin Blockade

The Berlin Wall has a historical significance and reminds us of the cold war relations that existed between the superpowers. Various events resulted in tension between these nations that eventually led to the building of this wall and introduction of the new currency in Germany not to forget, the supply of basic necessities to East Berlin by air. More...







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