Kennedy And The Bay Of Pigs Invasion  

The Bay of Pigs Invasion was an American CIA-sponsored military attack by training Cuban exiles in order to overthrow Fidel Castro, the Cuban dictator in order to put an end to his communist regime. This invasion occurred under the administration of John F. Kennedy but was planned during the time of Dwight D. Eisenhower. This was a tricky situation for the US as it was not at war with Cuba then.

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in America trained Cuban exiles who had fled from their homeland losing their investments, properties and assets. They blamed Castro for this tragedy and detested him and were willing to support the CIA.

The attack failed due to the poor choice of landing sites of the military invasion. “Bahía de los Cochinos” was chosen as the landing site by these armed troupes. The ships started sailing towards this region on April 13. On April 17, more thousand armed soldiers landed in the swampy and sparsely populated area that hardly supported installation of military base. Meanwhile, the Cuban rebel troupes were informed about the invasion and they were more than willing to protect their land and their Prime Minister from the attack. The war ended on April 19 and by then about 90 exiles were killed and rest were made prisoners.

Though the invasion failed, it created a permanent mark in the American history and reinforced the Cuban resistance to American aggression. In addition, this put an end to the diplomatic tied between the US and Cuba and considerably increased tension and cold water between the two nations.

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Kennedy And The Bay Of Pigs Invasion




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