What Caused The Bay Of Pig Invasion ?  

Fidel Castro, the dictator of Cuba was in favor of communist regime due to which many Cuban had to flee from their homeland after losing their property, investments or assets. These Cubans detested Castro’s rule and were willing to support the US government to overthrow him.

In addition, the US government wanted to provoke a revolution against Castro so that communism does not spread to other countries. In addition, the US government wanted to ensure that democracy is restored in countries under communist rule.

Hence, this gave an opportunity for the US government to take support of the aforementioned Cuban exiles and train them to overthrow Castro’s rule. This was actually a tricky situation for the US as it was not in war with Cuba then.

The US also spent large amount of money to spread for propaganda against Cuba. Comic books, posters and articles were published and distributed against Castro’s rule. In addition, about 1 million flyers were dropped over Cuba in order to try convincing people to rise against Castro. However, since Cubans were not looking forward to any changes in the governance, they disregarded these efforts. Thus, the US underestimated the strength of Castro’s regime in Cuba while planning for the invasion.

There were other less important reasons for the CIA authorizing the invasion. One of it was the shooting of U-2 plane over Russia. The US felt that Russians deserved to witness an attack of the communist regime. Instead of attacking the Russians directly, the military decided to attack another communist country. In addition, the US government wanted to protect the raw materials supply that was entering the country as it was insecure that Castro would block the ships and retain the supplies in his country.

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What Caused The Bay Of Pig Invasion ?




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