Why Did The Bay Of Pigs Invasion Fail ?  

The Bay of Pigs invasion was an attempt by the United States government to overthrow the communist regime of Fidel Castro, the dictator of Cuba. Though the US government clearly planned and detailed out the Bay Of Pigs Invasion and the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) trained more than 1,000 Cuban exiles for this mission and used advanced military strategies, this invasion ultimately failed.

The following are some of the reasons why this military operation failed:

  • Though the general population in Cuba was not quite informed about the US attack, information about the possibility of an invasion leaked out in Miami and South Florida. Thus, in spite of the US government not wanting ‘to appear’ involved in this military attack, the invasion was not a big surprise to Cuba.
  • In order to defend this, the Cuban government prepared an army of about 25,000 soldiers out of which nearly 9,000 were armed police. In addition, the Russian government helped Cuba to train their military forces to prepare themselves for the invasion of the US.
  • The US government, completely unaware about the knowledge of the Cuban government, was quite unprepared for an aggressive retaliation as they thought that the invasion plan was a safe-guarded secret. Thus, the US, completely underestimated the strength of the Cuban military operations as the American army thought that there was no need for extensive preparation before the attack.
  • The warfare and military equipment used by the Americans were completely inadequate to counterattack the Cuban army. Hence, the execution of the Bay of Pigs invasion turned to be completely ineffective. Every effort of the US was instantly counterattacked by the Cubans who were extremely prepared of the invasion and this was a major point of dismay for the American government.
  • People in Cuba were not very unhappy with the communist rule of Castro and hence, were not looking forward to a change in the government. Hence, the Cubans joined together against the American armed forces that attacked from the regions along the Bay of Pigs and prevented the US army from advancing further into their land.

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Why Did The Bay Of Pigs Invasion Fail




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