Cuban Missile Crisis Timeline  

It is believed in history that the Cuban Missile Crisis was the closest that the world ever got to a nuclear war. At that time United States was on the highest alert possible and Soviet commanders in Russian army were prepared for a nuclear war and had installed their nuclear weapons in Cuba. The two national leaders, President John F. Kennedy and Premier Nikita Khrushchev, wanted that war was called off. They both knew it was not the right thing to do. However, even though the war was averted, it was not done on friendly terms.

There was an existing cold war after that. Also, the US was concerned about the stalling of the nuclear weapons in Cuba. They wanted to have it removed. Also another concern for the United States was that Russia was always ahead with their weapons and United States struggled to keep abreast.

Fidel Castro, who was the Cuban leader at that time, was also looking for a way out and to defend their island nation by being taken over by the US. Even America had keen interest in Cuba. After the Bay of Pigs attack was unsuccessful, Castro always anticipated a second attack. So, Castro approved the placement of nuclear weapons in the country on request from the Russian premier.

In the year 1962, the Soviet Union built the missile installation stations in a top secret mission in Cuba. It was strategically placed for an attack on the United States. When America learnt about this there was a Presidential meeting held. They debated over the consequences for a long time and the Kennedy decided to move the troops back from Cuba. Then the US president requested Russian leader to remove the missiles from Cuba and in turn they asked him to sign a letter saying that the United States would never invade Cuba. After the pact or agreement was signed, Russian leader ordered for the removal of the nuclear missiles from Cuba. This, however, angered Fidel Castro.

The tensions on the United States soil only eased after the announcement from Russia came that the installations were being dismantled. United States also mentioned that the Soviet Union bombers also have to be removed from Cuba. Russia also demanded that United States have to assure that they will not be invading Cuba. This entire events gripped the year of 1962 and it was one of the most tension filled year fro both the countries.

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Cuban Missile Crisis Timeline




History Of The Cuban Missile Crisis      At the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis America and Russia were in a cold war. The terms between them were miserable. However, during the Cuban missile crisis the terms of the cold war almost forgotten by either party. In Cuba, things got heated up, and America and Russia came very close to a nuclear war. The world was threatened by the decision of both the countries. Several world leaders spoke to both Russia and America in light of the approaching nuclear war. More..




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