History Of The Cuban Missile Crisis  

At the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis America and Russia were in a cold war. The terms between them were miserable. However, during the Cuban missile crisis the terms of the cold war almost forgotten by either party. In Cuba, things got heated up, and America and Russia came very close to a nuclear war. The world was threatened by the decision of both the countries. Several world leaders spoke to both Russia and America in light of the approaching nuclear war.

In the year 1950, Cuba was under the leadership of the dictator Fulgencio Batista. His way of dealing with his enemies was very harsh. He also had the support of Americans and he ill-treated the communists. Also, the army of Batista was supported by America. For several years Havana was serving as a resort and playground for the rich Americans. As long as Batista ruled in Cuba the poor remained poor.

It was Fidel Castro who overthrew the Cuban government and he was a communist. He also had the popular support and there was a big upheaval to throw out the existing government. The first attempt was a failure but the subsequent efforts were successful. After Castro came to power, he nationalized all American firms so the funds would remain invested in Cuba. Cuba was exporting sugar to America and very soon Russia also stepped in. This made America uncomfortable. America decided to invade Cuba and launched the Bay of Pigs attack. After that Fidel Castro felt threatened by America, and he sought Russian support and the subsequent events led to a nuclear war almost.

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History Of The Cuban Missile Crisis




How Did The Cuban Missile Crisis Begin ?      The Cuban crisis actually began on October 14th, 1962. Until then, America did not have a clue about what was going on against them. America and Russia were in a cold war and they were completely unaware of the Russian plan to launch a nuclear attack on them from the Cuban soil. They did not realize that Cuba had such a strong support from the Russians. A United States spy plane called the U2 took some pictures of the Russian missile stations in Cuba. The island were the stations were being installed was less than ninety miles from the US. However, the US felt threatened by this, and they called for an urgent meeting discussing the repercussions of the event. More..




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