How Did The Cuban Missile Crisis Begin ?  

The Cuban crisis actually began on October 14th, 1962. Until then, America did not have a clue about what was going on against them. America and Russia were in a cold war and they were completely unaware of the Russian plan to launch a nuclear attack on them from the Cuban soil. They did not realize that Cuba had such a strong support from the Russians. A United States spy plane called the U2 took some pictures of the Russian missile stations in Cuba. The island were the stations were being installed was less than ninety miles from the US. However, the US felt threatened by this, and they called for an urgent meeting discussing the repercussions of the event.

The United States sent their naval ships to quarantine the site of the installation and also United States placed them on high alert from the possible missile attack. President John F. Kennedy met some of his top advisors and the National Security Council. Together they decided that it was in best interest of the United States to call of a nuclear war.

Kennedy stopped the army from launching any attack on the Cuban Russian station and he led talks with the Russian Premier on the subject. He told Kremlin that placement of nuclear weapons on Cuban ground would mean that Russia wants to attack the United States. Kremlin, The Russian leader for the first tome considered United States point and said that he would avoid a nuclear war and in return the United States will have to assure that they will not invade Cuba. On October 28th, Khrushchev confirmed that the nuclear stations were being dismantled in Cuba.

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How Did The Cuban Missile Crisis Begin




Significance Of The Cuban Missile Crisis      The significance of Cuban Missile Crisis is that it forced to great nations and super powers to reconsider a nuclear war and also determine that they have to coexist peacefully even though they were enemies. The Cuban missile crisis brought the world very close to a possible third world war and a nuclear war at the same time. By then the entire world had seen what a nuclear weapon can do and how much damage can be caused due to a single weapon. More..




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