Significance Of The Cuban Missile Crisis  

The significance of Cuban Missile Crisis is that it forced to great nations and super powers to reconsider a nuclear war and also determine that they have to coexist peacefully even though they were enemies. The Cuban missile crisis brought the world very close to a possible third world war and a nuclear war at the same time. By then the entire world had seen what a nuclear weapon can do and how much damage can be caused due to a single weapon.

However, the United States had no clue that Russia was preparing for a nuclear attack on the country. A United States spy plane on Cuba revealed the missile stations on Cuba. The Cuban missile crisis started in 1962 and the Russians had reached into a friendly equation with Cuba. They had a trade relationship already.

However, it was United States selfishness in the events that led to their own downfall. United States had always intended to take over Cuba and make it a part of the United States. Havana was the playground for the rich in the United States. But, after Fidel Castro became the leader, he began working against the US and the rich Americans as he was communist. After the first US attack on Cuba, and fearing a second attack, Fidel Castro sought the help of Russia. This is where things took an about turn for the United States. This was a learning experience for the United States that even though it is a super power there are times when they have to act in the best interest of all.

The end of Cuban missile crisis led to better communication systems between the 2 countries so that their leaders could speak to one another and avert any problems caused by slow correspondence, as was the case during the crisis.

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Significance Of The Cuban Missile Crisis




Who Was Involved In The Cuban Missile Crisis ?      The Cuban missile crisis is one of the biggest events in American and Russian Cold war history. It is also called the October Crisis as the entire series of events took place in the last week of October. It is also known as Caribbean Crisis in Russia. There were three countries involved in the crisis, America, Russia and Cuba. In October 1962, in the middle of the cold war between America and Russia, there was a likelihood of a nuclear attack on America. More..




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