Why Did The Cuban Missile Crisis Happen ?  

The Soviet Union decided to deploy the missiles in Cuba based on two things, one is that Soviet was feeling insecure and the second is it would lose Cuba through invasion. Both these factors put together led to the Cuban Missile Crisis. At that time President John F. Kennedy was repeatedly mentioning that there is a huge missile gap between the Soviet Union and the United States of America. He felt that the American missiles and weapons may be inferior to the Soviet Union and this posed an inherent danger to the country.

At the same time America also had vested interests in Cuba as it was a major sugar producer and also it was a resort for the wealthy Americans. After Fidel Castro took over the Cuban government, he changed several policies and also nationalized most of the American firms. He did not allow the Americans to enjoy on the costs of the Cuban people. This irked America, and they tried to overthrow Castro. In that effort, they quarantined the Cuban island and launched attack programs like Bay of Pigs and Operation Mongoose. However, none of these proved to be successful.

Fidel Castro expected a second attack from America and so he allowed the Russians to plant missile stations strategically on Cuba in order to attack the United States. However, after several talks held between the two super power nations leaders, the plan to launch an attack was called off by Russia. The Cuban missile crisis took place because of the hunger for power by two great nations in the world.

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Why Did The Cuban Missile Crisis Happen




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