Cause And Effect Of Korean War  

The Korean War took place between North and South Korea with an attempt of unifying the 2 nations. During the 7th century Korea was a single country until the World War II. In 1894 China and Japan were in a war and at that time some parts of Korea was occupied by Japan. Then, by 1910 entire Korea was conquered by the Japanese.

At the end of the Second World War, Korea was occupied by the US and USSR. At that point, the US and erstwhile USSR were in a cold war. The US requested the United Nations to resolve the issue of divide in Korea. The United Nations decided to hold elections in Russia to which the North Koreans refused. Even the communists in South Korea boycotted the election plan. As a result South Korea formed its own government with the anticommunist Syngman Rhee. The Soviet Union placed a communist Kim II Sung as a leader for North Korea.

The North Korean army with the help of Russia invaded South Korea on June 25th, 1950. At that time United States was very keen on stopping communism from spreading and as it is they were not in good terms with USSR. So, they started supporting South Korea against North Korea. Even china got involved because they were scared of US invasion.

However, the war ended in a peace treaty actually and there was a cease fire. In this case neither Russia nor America had the will to continue with a meaningless war and so they backed out. However the effects of the war remained for half a century. There were tensions on the borders of North and South Korea and several incidents that kept taking place.

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Cause And Effect Of Korean War




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