Conditions For People In Korean War  

The Korean War started in the year 1950 when North Korea invaded South Korea. There was a severe was that lasted for 3 years and many people lost their lives and there was a lot of destruction. However, in 1953, both the sides felt that the war was a waste of money and people’s lives as well, so there was a cease fire. A clear division was made between these two countries at the 38th parallel. The conditions of the people during the Korean War were quite bad.

There were tensions on the border and intermittent incidents. Throughout the ages, North Korea seems to have suffered economically. South Korea has done very well and is one of the economic powers and in North Korea there is poverty and illiteracy. However, the effects of the war that took place in 1950 had devastating effects on both the sides. The entire peninsula was destroyed and several people were injured.

In North Korea, there were series of economic problems that plagued the country for a long time. The population there today still struggles with starvation and the weather seems to be bad most of the time making it impossible to grow crops. There was a severe famine in 2009 and North Korea also rejected help from other countries at that time. Whereas South Korea has taken the technology route and they are doing very well because of the IT boom. They were one of the countries that were not affected due to the recession. It still is growing with a fabulous annual GDP rate. During the war many families were separated in North and South Korea. At that time South Korea was a poor country and soon later in time things changed on both the sides of the divide. There were hundreds of orphaned children because of the divide.

During the Korean War countries like United States, USSR and China also played a role. The United States sent out troops in support of South Korea it fight against North Korea. Russia was supporting North Korea and even China joined them.

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Conditions For People In Korean War




Facts About The Korean War      The Korean War began in 1950 and it lasted for 3 years. North Korea invaded South Korea at that time. In the 7th century, Korea was a single country. However, differences crept between North and South Korea and a few other countries, namely USSR and the United States, also played a role in promoting the enmity. The war was a result of an attempt to unify North and South Korea actually. More..




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