Facts About The Korean War  

The Korean War began in 1950 and it lasted for 3 years. North Korea invaded South Korea at that time. In the 7th century, Korea was a single country. However, differences crept between North and South Korea and a few other countries, namely USSR and the United States, also played a role in promoting the enmity. The war was a result of an attempt to unify North and South Korea actually.

There were several disagreements in the unification process among the leaders of both the countries. It escalated so much that South Korea attacked North Korea and crossed the boundaries on the 38th parallel. The 38th parallel geographically is the differentiating line for both the countries.

The Korean War was more of a civil war and there was not much ammunition used. The people themselves were fighting more than the military. The Korean War can be compare to the American civil war in many ways. Korea also became a part of the cold war between the United States of America and Russia. Also, where North and South Korea was considered the US and Russia also took sides of one country each. This only made the war worse. The US sent troops to help out South Korea because they feared communism will take over and they wanted to control communism from spreading. Russia was supporting North Korea because they had a communist philosophy. The war went on for three years and on July 27th, 1953 here was a cease fire and a peace treaty was signed between these countries. Over the course of the war the Korean peninsula was literally reduced to rubbles. Realizing that there is no outcome of the war both the countries decided to sign the peace treaty.

Though the war fought for a period of 3 years, there was no clear winner or victor. Several men died, and hundreds of families were separated because of the war. Several children were orphaned because of the divide. There were constant tensions on the borders and even today some remote incidents take place on the borders of North Korea and South Korea. With the help of the United Nations, finally this devastating war came to an end.  

South Korea today is an economic power; however, North Korea continues to suffer in poverty even after five decades after the war. The aftermath of the war still exists between these countries and they will never be united again.

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Facts About The Korean War




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