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The Korean War has a long history and the foundation for the war was being laid during the Second World War in 1945. The period between 1945 and 1970 was the most stressful period for the entire world was millions of lives were lost and several people died. At the end of the Second World War, Russia had declared war upon Japan on August 10th, 1945. Japan had occupied the northern part of Korea.

Until then Korea was a single country. By the end of the war in Korea the country was divided at the 38th parallel and called North and South Korea namely. The division led to further conflicts because the northern part of the peninsula was communist and followed USSR. The southern part was, therefore, supported by the US because they wanted to control communism from spreading. So, as a result South Korean formed an anticommunist government and was capitalist.

In 1948, an election as being held in South Korea and in august 15 of 1948 he republic of South Korea was formed. Sung man Rhee was elected as the president of South Korea. Soon after, USSR established the North Korean government and the country was called the Democratic People's Republic of North Korea. Kim Il Sung was appointed as the leader. However, both these leaders started working at reunifying Korea. It led to further conflicts because both the leaders wanted to reunify under their own terms and conditions and there were a lot of disagreements. USSR, China and the United States were influencing both these countries in their own way and for their selfish means also.

After several disagreements in 1950 there were severe conflicts on the borders of North and South Korea. A civil War had broken out in the peninsula and this war went on for three years. The US planned military attacks on North Korea, and North Korea did the same with the help of USSR. Finally after three years the United Nations was forced to intervene because the war was futile without any outcome. There was no victory for anyone in this war and it was juts a waste of time and man power. Several people died and both the countries suffered severe losses and the poverty increased. With the help of the United Nations a peace treaty was signed and the civil war was called off. However, the tensions continued to exist and were limited to the borders. Now and then there was a break out of violence close to the borders.

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History About Korean War




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